25 January 2023

Eight Versa partners with Cervest to bolster sustainability solutions offering with asset-centric climate intelligence


By Cervest

Eight Versa partners with Cervest to bolster sustainability solutions offering with asset-centric climate intelligence

LONDON – 25 January, 2022 UK-based Eight Versa, a multidisciplinary sustainability consultancy, has chosen Cervest as its climate intelligence partner to bolster its sustainability solutions for clients. Eight Versa will use Cervest climate intelligence (CI) to incorporate science-backed climate risk insights into planning, implementation, and compliance for its clients’ climate resilience strategies. Eight Versa works with large, small and mid-sized organizations spanning across industries such as real estate, logistics and retail.

Physical climate and transition risk quantification is critical for the development of sustainability strategies - whether it’s setting the strategy for an entire corporate enterprise, preparing planning applications for construction, certifying compliance with regulatory standards or reporting to stakeholders on progress against set goals. Cervest’s climate intelligence platform and flagship product EarthScan™ provides the most rapid and comprehensive view about how climate risk may impact built environment assets such as residential buildings, offices and retail spaces – now and in the future.

Investors and real estate professionals whose assets have not yet been affected by climate change are in the minority – and trends suggest it’s only a matter of time before that changes. A Cervest survey highlights that 88% of the participating companies have already seen a corporate physical asset, such as an office or warehouse, affected by extreme weather. The same report highlights that an overwhelming majority of decision-makers - 83% - believe climate volatility poses a “medium to significant” risk to their business bottom line.

Chris Hocknell, Director at Eight Versa, said: “Our multidisciplinary team of consultants, architects, engineers, and ecologists are dedicated to bringing their cross-industry experience and in-depth knowledge to find bespoke solutions for our clients. It’s our mission to make sustainability a possibility for every organisation. Using Cervest’s asset-level climate intelligence, we can now more easily identify assets at risk and then develop the best sustainable solutions and strategies for the organisations we work with. The ability to efficiently identify the climate-related risk of a client’s assets is invaluable to our planning and implementation solutions.”

Iggy Bassi, Founder & CEO of Cervest added: “Without adaptation measures, many of the world’s assets will not remain functional. A resilient built environment involves incorporating climate risk into the entire lifecycle of an asset. Our partnership with Eight Versa will facilitate the integration of climate resilience across the planning and building management phases for their clients, fusing our science-backed climate intelligence with their environmental consultancy expertise."

Eight Versa’s climate resilience advisory services will be enhanced with EarthScan insights, helping real estate developers and investors, construction and property management companies:

  • Integrate climate resilience into their projects from the very start

  • Qualify if individual assets need a deeper dive to prescribe specific environmental design measures to enhance their climate resilience

  • Evaluate the risk of climate-driven natural hazards, such as heat stress, drought, flooding or wildfire for real estate portfolios across all geographical areas

EarthScan offers a comprehensive picture of climate-related risk to assets, allowing them to pinpoint both risks and opportunities across their portfolio quickly and report in close to real-time. Insights are available simultaneously on risk hazards, such as heat stress, flooding (coastal and riverine) drought, wildfire, wind and precipitation, across multiple IPCC-aligned climate scenarios, backwards in time to 1970 and ahead to 2100 at five-year time steps.

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