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Powering predictions
Protecting the Earth

Cervest is building the first predictive and self-learning platform for managing natural resource risk in agri-commodity markets. We empower Procurement, Sustainability and Risk teams to make better supply decisions.

  • Production Forecasts

    Early detection of risks, threats and anomalies for supply order cycles. Real-time yield prediction, disruption detection with causal analysis (why something has happened) and mitigation factors (what steps to take). Customised ‘Sky-2-Earth’ analysis for your supply chain, tracking critical dependencies and quantifying value at risk.

  • Location-Based Risks

    Measure geographically persistent risks impacting long term certainty of supply. We predict the effects of climate, water, land, biodiversity, and other natural capital risks in your supply chain to optimise sourcing decisions for today and tomorrow. Location-risk heat maps are applied to product categories, commodities, geographies, or suppliers.

  • Sustainable Growth

    Identify the most impactful metrics for delivering sustainability targets. Our ‘Context-Based Targets’ tool analyses multi-tier initiatives (SDGs, TCFD, NCP, and others) alongside your corporate KPIs and determines the optimal delivery and investment pathway for achieving sustainability goals.

Global Resource Security We have 33 growing seasons to double food production, which on an aggregate basis, is equivalent to all the food produced in the past 8000 years. World Wildlife Fund / UN 2014

A Continuously learning platform and 'always on'

The Cervest Platform connects to 100+ climatic, scientific, satellite, biophysical, and other datasets from ‘Sky-2-Earth’. It also integrates key datasets from internal client databases and all data is updated in real-time.

Automated data science analyses 1000’s of risk variables simultaneously using high performance computing - delivering accurate predictions, diagnosis, and simulations. Causal relationships between risks are unearthed and key drivers for mitigating or adapting to risks are identified.

Actionable insights are delivered through intuitive interfaces and automatically updated as new information or data becomes available, ensuring managers always have the latest intelligence at their fingertips.

Why Cervest?

About Cervest

We specialize in enabling enterprises to optimize their supply-chain risk decisions with Artificial Intelligence.

We fundamentally believe in broadening open access to AI given the urgency to protect the planet’s capacity to sustainably meet future needs. We’re a passionate team with a unique blend of experience in agribusiness, quants, risk, enterprise apps, and supply-chains.

Our mission: to restore earth sustainability with smarter AI decisions.

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