On-demand Climate Intelligence

Understand how current and future climate events will affect your physical assets
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Make informed business decisions to manage your climate risk

EarthScan™ delivers on-demand, personalized and actionable Climate Intelligence for enterprises and governments.

Get access to current, historical and predictive insights on how combined risks such as flooding, droughts, and extreme temperatures will impact the assets you own or manage.

Climate Intelligence

Climate Intelligence is a form of business intelligence. It’s the critical layer that organizations need to manage their climate risk – now and in the future.

Cervest’s Climate Intelligence Platform transforms climate science into personalized and actionable insights on millions of assets, helping decision makers to understand and quantify climate risk, de-risk decisions and identify new opportunities.


Earth Science AI

The power of a thousand climate scientists in your hands

Earth Science AI is the technology that powers EarthScan™.

Combining machine learning, climate science, and scalable computing, it processes, analyses and synthesises petabytes of data on millions of physical assets to create a unified perspective on climate risk at global and individual levels.


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