We see a climate intelligent world

Empowering everyone to adapt with climate change.
We see a climate intelligent world

Creating a chain reaction of climate intelligent decisions

We've reached an inflection point in our relationship with the climate. Accelerating climate volatility is threatening the assets we rely on. Power plants. Factories. Transport networks. Forests. To adapt, we need to be smarter, more prescient, more decisive, and more collaborative than ever before. We need new instruments and new insights. We need climate intelligence.

Cervest creates climate intelligence for every person, asset, and decision. Climate intelligence transforms how we build, manage, and de-risk our most valuable assets. Open, democratized, transparent climate intelligence enables us to adapt and decarbonize at scale — powering a Climate Intelligence Network™ that builds an equitable and resilient future for our planet.

“Humans have operated on the basis that nature is free, and it’s always going to serve us. But nature is biting back in big ways.”

Iggy Bassi, Founder & CEO of Cervest

Where climate intelligence began

Our dangerously limited grasp of climate volatility became clear to our Founder and CEO Iggy Bassi while running a sustainable agribusiness in West Africa. People dismissed successive adverse weather as freak events. Iggy was convinced the science told a different story.

Could climate-related impacts on farms and facilities, like his, be anticipated – and adapted for? Iggy teamed up with Imperial College and the Alan Turing Institute to find answers. They combined peer-reviewed science with machine learning to create a cutting-edge framework for quantifying asset-level risk globally.

Iggy realized the magnitude of the problem demanded more than just climate risk analytics. He envisioned a new era of mass open intelligence that could be scaled and democratized for any user on the planet. We call it ‘climate intelligence’.

The people pioneering climate intelligence

Cervest is powered by a hugely dedicated and diverse team of experts. Together we're imagining – and architecting – a climate intelligent world. We’re united in our mission to empower everyone to adapt with climate change and build a resilient future for our planet.

Meet the team

Mission-driven and values-led

Our mission — to empower everyone to adapt with climate change and build a resilient future for our planet — permeates our company. We ensure that every aspect of the way we do business follows the highest standards of inclusivity and equality.

We’re a certified B-Corp and a Disability Confident workplace, and we’ve made an SME Climate Hub commitment to become Net Zero by 2030.

Read our 2022 B Corp Annual Impact Report here.

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