Make climate intelligent decisions with EarthScan

Discover, analyze and act on the climate risks and opportunities facing your assets.
Make climate intelligent decisions with EarthScan

Strengthen the assets you own, manage or rely on

See the big picture, or focus on specific areas of vulnerability — and opportunity. Fusing cutting-edge earth science, data modeling, and machine learning, EarthScan™ gives you on-demand climate intelligence to confidently de-risk decisions, meet financial disclosure needs, and make your assets more resilient.

Continuously updated intelligence

EarthScan’s climate intelligence is dynamic, so you always make decisions using the latest peer-reviewed science and events.


Create personalized portfolios from the millions of assets we've already mapped and verified — or upload your own.


Pinpoint when and where the biggest vulnerabilities and opportunities are in your portfolio. Explore different hazards, time horizons and risk scenarios.


Collaborate with key stakeholders by sharing portfolios and insights directly through EarthScan. Use permissions-based sharing or make them publicly available.


Add climate intelligence into your decision-making processes. Strengthen adaptation planning and business continuity strategies, and meet disclosure needs.

Track and quantify your climate risk

EarthScan’s on-demand climate intelligence gives you an unprecedented view of historical, current and predictive climate risk on your physical assets, enabling you to baseline, monitor and forecast risk across your entire portfolio.

  • See the combined physical risk (acute and chronic) to your assets from multiple hazards: heat stress (including heatwaves), precipitation, flooding (including coastal and riverine), wind, drought and wildfire.

  • Investigate multiple time horizons (1970–2100) and explore different climate scenarios: business as usual, 2040 emissions peak and Paris Agreement-aligned.

  • See a dashboard view and compare and contrast your individual or collective asset risk with Cervest Ratings™, ranked from A to F, where A is considered ‘Very Low climate-related risk’, and F is ’Extremely High climate-related risk’.

Generate financial disclosure reports

Mandatory climate-related financial disclosure is fast approaching. EarthScan’s self-serve, auto-generated TCFD-aligned risk reports ensure you’ve got the right high-quality intelligence, in the right format, to meet your disclosure responsibilities.

  • Quantify the physical climate hazard exposure risk and impacts on your assets globally.

  • Generate reports using multiple timescales. Baseline historic trends and forecast future conditions (1970–2100). Explore short-term (+5 yrs), mid-term (+10 yrs), and long-term (+30 yrs) risk.

  • Customize, share, and download your reports, or simply export analysis including charts, text, or citations.

How does EarthScan work?

Our groundbreaking Earth Science AI™ unifies and processes the latest climate data and combines it with earth science expertise, data modeling, and machine learning — translating the world's peer-reviewed climate science into decision-useful insights for enterprise, government and NGO decision makers.

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"We have chosen Cervest as our partner because we believe its cutting-edge technology and science-backed climate intelligence insights will help us develop more precise climate risk adaptation assessments for our clients."

EarthScan innovators

EarthScan is already evolving decision-making for enterprises, governments, and NGOs that own or manage many physical assets, giving them an early advantage.

From manufacturing plants to power stations, factories to five-star hotels, EarthScan is helping people discover, understand, and report on when and how climate change will impact their assets. They’re pre-empting asset vulnerability, creating strategies to adapt, and saving on insurance costs while reducing their climate risk.

With mounting regulatory and market pressure to adapt with climate change, industries are fast recognizing that climate intelligence is mission-critical. Meanwhile, forward-thinking organizations are already building it into their decision-making.

Read more about how EarthScan is helping people across different industries:

The physical risks resulting from climate change will impact or damage millions of assets in the coming years. For real estate owners, managers, occupants, and investors, this means a loss of revenue, low or no return-on-investment, and ever-increasing insurance premiums.

People are adapting by using EarthScan to:

  • Understand when, where and how physical risks will affect their assets. Make decisions on whether to invest in new properties, sell, or shore up existing real estate.

  • Discover which properties are most at risk from which climate events. Investigate mitigation measures and ensure assets are retrofitted to be climate resilient.

  • Download the ebook, "Using Climate Intelligence to confidently adapt to climate risk in the real estate sector" to learn more.

Climate physical risks disrupt manufacturing assets, such as factories and distribution centres, and their associated supply chains. As volatile climate events increase, firms will need dynamic, on-demand climate intelligence to stay ahead of risks and protect their bottom line.

People are adapting by using EarthScan to:

  • Establish operational resilience. Reassure shareholders and insurers that you’re aware of the risks facing your factories, distribution centres or supply chains.

  • Protect profits, reputation and reduce repair costs by pre-empting risks and putting necessary measures in place.

  • Invest in new locations with confidence. See a complete picture of the climate risk facing any new or planned builds.

  • Download the ebook, "Climate Intelligent Manufacturing" to learn more about adapting with climate change in the manufacturing industry.

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As climate change intensifies, the risks to the infrastructure we all rely upon increases. EarthScan gives local councils and national governments the power to protect essential infrastructure and ensure it remains fit for purpose.

People are adapting by using EarthScan to:

  • Factor physical climate risk into future urban development, to ensure assets are resilient to hazards such as flooding and heat stress.

  • Ensure the smooth running of vital services and protect the people that rely on them by identifying at-risk assets and taking action.

  • Prioritize assets that face the most severe risk and create adaptation strategies to ensure financial and operational resilience.

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Start your climate intelligence journey

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