2 March 2023

B Corp Month 2023: Three examples of how B2B tech can “go beyond”

Nadia Stones

By Nadia Stones

B Corp Month 2023: Three examples of how B2B tech can “go beyond”

March 1st marks the launch of B Corp month 2023. A month where the global B Corporation community joins together to celebrate everything it means to be a B Corp, and this year’s theme is “Go Beyond”.

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. To honor B Corp month, we’ve teamed up with fellow B Corps Twig and Ticket Tailor to highlight how and why B2B tech companies need to go beyond.

B Corp-to-business

According to B Corp, “B Corps go beyond expectations. Because, beyond a mark, B Corp is a movement of businesses making a mark on the world.” It’s a symbol most commonly associated with companies such as Ben and Jerry’s, TOMS, Patagonia and other consumer brands. However, it’s not just consumer brands that can make an impact.

“Either we all win, or we all lose.”

Cervest’s Founder and CEO, Iggy Bassi

As our Founder and CEO, Iggy Bassi, puts it, “either we all win, or we all lose”. To build a more resilient future for our planet, we all need to shift the status quo, and use profits and growth to create a positive impact on their people, communities, and the planet. B2B or B2C, we all need to go beyond.

With the overall value of the top 20 B2B tech brands reaching more than USD2 trillion in 2022, the influence this space has over how business can create a positive impact is growing. Below, we share examples of how B2B tech B Corps, including Cervest, are already going beyond, in the hope it will inspire others to do the same.

Cervest: going beyond as a climate intelligence company

At Cervest, being a B Corp fits our goals. The status signals a shift towards the greater accountability and transparency the climate tech sector needs to drive climate action at scale.

Our growing, remote-first team of impatient optimists want to climate-align actions on every built and natural asset. Together, we hope to build a resilient world where climate intelligence is at the core of all decisions. From the very beginning, we’ve worked to create an environment where company success and individual development thrive, underpinned by competitive benefits and support. We keep this culture at the core of every decision we make, we want to make a positive impact in everything we do.

We have been incredibly busy working on projects that align with our B Corp values. We've been going beyond By renting our IT supplies via Hofy, and donating old equipment to a housing charity, we support a circular economy model where all IT equipment is reused, donated, and only shipped short distances. We’re also using Fair HQ and Lattice to encourage a continuous feedback culture and making improvements to our maternity and paternity leave policies, committing us to pay our employees above what is required by law to name but a few!

We're delighted that these efforts went towards our B Impact Score of 102.1, 22.1 points higher than what's needed to qualify for B Corp Certification, and 52.1 points higher than the average business.

Twig: going beyond as a fintech

Twig, a B Corp, is the fastest ever growing fintech in Europe. Its central mission is to empower consumers to value, unlock, and enjoy wealth they never knew they had. Twig's B Corp certification is a reflection of their dedication to making positive change, both through their products and company culture. It means that they’re are not only creating innovative fintech solutions, but also doing so in a way that aligns with their values of sustainability and social responsibility. By putting purpose at the core of their business strategy, Twig are able to attract like-minded customers, partners and employees who share their commitment to creating a better world.

Twig's commitment to sustainability is more than just reducing waste and carbon emissions. Through the innovative "For the Earth" program, Twig aims to promote circularity and sustainability by encouraging recycling and tree planting. With "Twig Pay," customers can trade in their old devices for cash, and Twig ensures the devices are recycled or reused instead of ending up in landfills. Twig's sustainability initiatives not only benefit the environment but also drive customer loyalty and attract investors who value purpose-driven companies.

Their aim for 2023 is to grow the B2B side of the business where they want to help as many companies reach their sustainable potential whilst also unlocking financial benefits and offerings. They have also recently launched a female founders benefits package whereby they strive to support women.

Ticket Tailor, going beyond as a ticketing platform

Ticket Tailor is a white-labeled self-serve ticketing platform on a mission to empower a diverse range of event creators by making it easy and affordable to sell tickets. It goes beyond simply by being the only independent ticketing company to have certified as a B Corp.

As well as being carbon neutral, for every ticket sold on their platform, they donate 1p to climate causes. In 2022 this came to a whopping £131,592.90. As for the team, there are a number of policies to support wellbeing and they’re also proud to pay their international contractors the living wage of the highest cost of living city among the team (Vancouver, Canada). And, finally, they have a generous profit share scheme for their team. Meaning their hard work is always rewarded at the end of the year, with no bias to role types – recognising everyone’s input equally.

With a number of exciting features in the pipeline, 2023 is set to be a big year for Ticket Tailor. As they grow, they hope to improve in areas such as governance and DE&I and plan more volunteering opportunities for they’re team, donating time to their charity partners. Lastly, they hope to inspire other SaaS businesses, particularly in the events and ticketing industry, to join the movement.

Going B2Beyond

With environmental and societal risks dominating the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2023, there’s a clear need for B Corps. Businesses, including B2B tech companies, need to do more by using profits and growth to create a positive impact on their people, communities, and the planet.

At Cervest, we’re always striving to do more for the planet, our people, and community as we grow. We look forward to sharing our 2023 Impact Report later this month which will reveal how we’re continuing to Go Beyond.

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