Climate align your decisions and actions with EarthScan

On-demand climate risk screening and reporting for your built and natural capital assets
Climate align your decisions and actions with EarthScan

Every decision needs climate intelligence

From offices, data centers and factories, to mines, forests and grasslands, everything is at risk from climate events. EarthScan™ gives you a clear picture of how often and how severely extreme weather and climate events such as heat waves, flooding and wildfire could impact the physical assets you own, manage and rely on – from today until the end of the century.

Cervest climate intelligence (CI) enables chief climate risk officers, heads of sustainability and ESG managers to make climate resilient decisions and assess climate risk for due diligence, disclosure and governance reporting.

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"With EarthScan we can access science-backed, AI-driven insights to screen assets for climate-related risk. These insights enhance Capgemini’s ability to scale sustainable transformation for its clients, creating risk reports and incorporating them into planning and strategy recommendations, powering sustainable actions."

Pinpoint climate risk on any built asset with EarthScan

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Why EarthScan?

Asset-centric insight

Easily upload assets, segment and share portfolios directly with colleagues, helping you bring teams, departments and regions together with a single, shared source of intelligence.

Quantified and comparable

Use globally standardized Cervest Ratings™ to quickly compare assets, identify the highest risks in your portfolio and discover the financial impact of climate risk at the asset level.

Climate science at scale

Map physical climate risk across your supply chain network, identify critical risks and share with key stakeholders to minimize disruption and support sustainability commitments.

Embed science-backed climate insights into decisions and actions across your organization

Screen for climate risk

Identify assets at risk, prioritize assets, quantify risk exposure, build resilience and meet disclosure requirements

Wider engagement

Share CI with key stakeholders - internally, including board and other depts, and externally including suppliers and investors.


Generate report-ready climate risk insights for stakeholders to help meet disclosure requirements and inform net zero initiatives.

Risk management

Inform risk management decision-making with advanced scenario analysis and asset-centric insights.

Build resilience

Inform adaptation and mitigation actions including asset requirement (re)location, retrofit and replacement, and identify growth opportunities.

Due diligence

Screen and identify physical and transition climate risk to inform pre-acquisition decisions, increase resilience and optimize portfolios.

Supplier management

Identify and share critical risks across your supply chain network to minimize business disruption and support sustainability.

Reprice risk

Understand the financial impact of climate hazards on your assets with CVaR (Climate Value-at-Risk) to calculate ROI of adaptation decisions.

Learn how EarthScan applies to your industry

Use EarthScan's asset level climate insights to fulfill disclosure requirements for EU Taxonomy and TCFD-aligned reporting

Climate-related financial disclosure is mandatory for a growing number of organizations across the UK and Europe. EarthScan fast-tracks the reporting insights you need:

  • Three climate emissions scenarios, including a <2 degrees climate scenario

  • Seven acute and chronic climate hazards, with individual and combined risk views for a comprehensive picture of vulnerability

  • Five-year increments, for insights across short- medium- and long-term time horizons

  • Resolution and model quality based on the latest climate science and AI and ML models

Learn more about how EarthScan helps with regulatory reporting

The science behind EarthScan

Our pioneering Earth Science AI™ unifies and processes the latest climate data and combines it with earth science expertise, data modeling, and machine learning — translating the world's peer-reviewed climate science into decision-useful insights for enterprise, financial and government decision makers.

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"We have chosen Cervest as our partner because we believe its cutting-edge technology and science-backed climate intelligence insights will help us develop more precise climate risk adaptation assessments for our clients."

Assess climate risk on any asset in any industry

EarthScan insights help decision-makers across industries make decisions to adapt with the constantly evolving climate

The physical risks resulting from climate change will impact or damage millions of assets in the coming years. For real estate owners, managers, occupants, and investors, this means a loss of revenue, low or no return-on-investment, and ever-increasing insurance premiums.

People are adapting by using EarthScan to:

  • Understand when, where and how physical risks will affect their assets. Make decisions on whether to invest in new properties, sell, or shore up existing real estate.

  • Discover which properties are most at risk from which climate events. Investigate mitigation measures and ensure assets are retrofitted to be climate resilient.

  • Download the ebook, "Using Climate Intelligence to confidently adapt to climate risk in the real estate sector" to learn more.

Climate physical risks disrupt manufacturing assets, such as factories and distribution centres, and their associated supply chains. As volatile climate events increase, firms will need dynamic, on-demand climate intelligence to stay ahead of risks and protect their bottom line.

People are adapting by using EarthScan to:

  • Establish operational resilience. Reassure shareholders and insurers that you’re aware of the risks facing your factories, distribution centres or supply chains.

  • Protect profits, reputation and reduce repair costs by pre-empting risks and putting necessary measures in place.

  • Invest in new locations with confidence. See a complete picture of the climate risk facing any new or planned builds.

  • Download the ebook, "Climate Intelligent Manufacturing" to learn more about adapting with climate change in the manufacturing industry.

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As climate change intensifies, the risks to the infrastructure we all rely upon increases. EarthScan gives local councils and national governments the power to protect essential infrastructure and ensure it remains fit for purpose.

People are adapting by using EarthScan to:

  • Factor physical climate risk into future urban development, to ensure assets are resilient to hazards such as flooding and heat stress.

  • Ensure the smooth running of vital services and protect the people that rely on them by identifying at-risk assets and taking action.

  • Prioritize assets that face the most severe risk and create adaptation strategies to ensure financial and operational resilience.

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Its mammoth carbon footprint isn’t the only issue exposing the pharmaceutical industry to climate risk. Its heavy reliance on natural resources and global supply chains make pharma players vulnerable to climate disruption.

Sustainability leaders in the pharma industry use EarthScan to:

  • Build investor and board confidence by upgrading their ESG reports with science-backed climate risk insights.

  • Pinpoint their water-related climate risks, such as drought and flooding, and make targeted interventions.

  • Optimize their supply chains for climate resilience, whilst keeping costs low and maintaining business continuity, so they can meet demand for life-changing medicines.

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