17 February 2023

Just in: The Impact Fifty Award 2023

Liane Rainbow

By Liane Rainbow

Just in: The Impact Fifty Award 2023

Liane Rainbow, Head of People at Cervest, shares our exciting news about the Impact Fifty Award 2023.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been included in the Impact Fifty Award 2023. The highly-coveted award celebrates 50 most impactful companies to work for across the globe. We are delighted with this recognition, further establishing us as a mission-driven company fostering the best and brightest minds of our time to power climate action on a global scale.

The Impact Fifty - A recognition of companies that really make a difference

From thousands of companies of all sizes, and +10k employee interviews, Impact Fifty shortlisted and uncovered the top 50 companies making a true impact - where employees genuinely feel like their contributions are making a difference to a cause they care about. We’re delighted to be listed alongside other well-established, trailblazing companies, including Patagonia, UNICEF, and Beyond Meat, which are also on a mission to solve the most difficult problem in the world right now: climate change.

“We are working to put climate intelligence at the core of every decision. We want to build a more resilient future for our planet by enabling everyone, everywhere, to make climate-intelligent choices for our collective environmental, financial, and social security. It’s no small feat and one that requires the skills and dedication from the best and brightest minds of our time.”

Cervest Founder and CEO, Iggy Bassi

Cervest’s mission: to climate-align actions on every built and natural asset

Climate disruption is accelerating at a pace we have not witnessed before. Only this month, we saw Cyclone Gabrielle hit New Zealand, an extreme weather event not seen “in a generation” according to Chris Hipkin, Prime Minister of New Zealand, as he declared a national state of emergency. These extreme weather events are costing us billions of dollars already – a cost that will only be exacerbated without adaptive intervention. Actions we take today matter, and Cervest’s climate intelligence enables them.

Cervest was founded in 2015 by Iggy when he joined forces with the Alan Turing Institute and Imperial College London. Together, they built the groundbreaking science and machine learning methodology behind Cervest’s Climate Intelligence (CI) platform. EarthScan™, Cervest’s flagship CI product, fuses cutting-edge Earth Science AI, data modeling and machine learning to turn multiple datasets into decision-useful, science-backed insights. Sustainability leaders from around the world are already using EarthScan to screen assets they own, manage or rely on for climate risk on-demand, upgrade ESG reports, and power climate action.

The culture behind Cervest

Climate intelligence products don’t just appear overnight. Our culture is built around “Purpose and People”. We are building a high-performing, inclusive, and mission-aligned team united by a desire to meaningfully impact global environmental and humanitarian issues. Building and nurturing a diverse and consciously inclusive culture that fosters belonging is central to our employee commitment – and to our company’s success. We embrace the mantra that more diverse teams are also more innovative.

From the very beginning at Cervest, we’ve worked to create an environment where both company success and individual development thrive, underpinned by a desire to make a positive impact in everything we do. Our hiring process includes a values-alignment assessment which, alongside fair and objective recruitment practices, ensures employee retention and productivity.

As a certified B Corp on a mission, we want every team member to understand how their work is making a meaningful contribution. From climate scientists to data engineers, marketers to product designers, operations specialists to infosec pros, our team shares a penchant for curiosity and a passion for tackling seemingly impossible challenges.

Cervest is building a resilient world where climate intelligence is at the core of all decisions. It’s an extraordinary vision that requires extraordinary talent, passion, and commitment. As Iggy puts it, “We are a team of impatient optimists. People join Cervest specifically because they want to help solve the most difficult problem in the world right now: climate change.” And there’s no time to waste.

Ready to become a climate intelligence pioneer? Visit our careers page to discover how you can join our mission.

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