8 March 2022

IWD 2022: Why we must #breakthebias against women in climate science


By Cervest

IWD 2022: Why we must #breakthebias against women in climate science

In support of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022, members of Cervest’s research, leadership, people and product teams have recorded a series of videos exploring how they got into climate science, their biggest professional accomplishments so far, and their advice for women and girls looking to enter this vital field. 

You can view the videos by Estefania Casal, Senior Data Visualization and Product Designer; Dr. Claire Huck, Head of CEO Office; Ramani Lachyan, Research Scientist; and Liane Rainbow, Head of People, below.

Estefania Casal, Senior Data Visualization and Product Designer

As a company with both science and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) in our DNA, Cervest understands that the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, #BreaktheBias, is not only crucial to improving the representation of women across STEM subjects, it is also vital to making the world more resilient to the accelerating consequences of climate change.

Ramani Lachyan, Research Scientist

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) made it clear that the effects of climate change are here to stay, and will only get worse as the planet warms. To adapt before the window for action closes, we must nurture scientific talent across the board. Further scientific research, conducted by a diverse pool of thinkers, will drive new technologies, like EarthScan, that will allow anyone to discover, analyze and moderate their climate-related risks.

Dr. Claire Huck, Head of CEO Office

In addition to championing the importance of diversity in science, Cervest believes that women and girls in STEM should be supported throughout their careers, not just once or twice a year. That is why, in celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we launched the Women in Climate Science Hub, an online resource center we are continuously updating with information about careers in climate science. If you are considering a career in climate science and technology, do take a look.

Liane Rainbow, Head of People and Talent

That said, you don’t need to be a technologist or a scientist to work in climate technology. As Cervest’s IWD 2022 video series underscores, there are many avenues open to women and girls looking to pursue careers related to climate change and Climate Intelligence (CI).

If you are interested in pursuing one of these avenues at Cervest, check out our jobs page. If you want to learn more about the work we’re doing at Cervest, and our mission to empower everyone to adapt with climate change, head over to our about us page.

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