1 June 2022

Cervest named in The Escape 100: the top purposeful organizations to ‘escape’ to in 2022


By Cervest

Cervest named in The Escape 100: the top purposeful organizations to ‘escape’ to in 2022

Cervest has made The Escape 100, the definitive list of purpose-led companies to ‘escape to’ in 2022. Ranking in the top 50 and with an employee rating of 9.8 (the average was 9.6), this marks another milestone in Cervest’s mission-led journey to empower everyone to adapt with climate change and build a resilient future for our planet.

Escape 100 winners were chosen from 13,000 global nominations. Six criteria determined which companies made the cut: Impact, People, Mission, Planet, Innovation, and B-Corp status. Most winners, including social enterprise giants Oddbox and OLIO, have a business-to-consumer (B2C) operating model. Only a handful, including Cervest, operate a business-to-business (B2B) model. And in another pioneering moment for our company – we are the only climate tech company on the list.

This year’s Escape 100 campaign comes at a pivotal moment in working history. The global pandemic prompted a seismic shift in employees’ work priorities, with many seeking new meaningful, flexible and forward-thinking work environments. As a remote-first, values-led and purpose-driven company. Cervest has been at the forefront of this shift. Our team has more than tripled in size over the past year. We are over 120-Climate- Intelligence-Pioneers strong … and growing, with team members in 12 countries.

Liane's story

We asked our Head of People and Talent, Liane Rainbow, to share her thoughts on being an Escape 100 winner, and the personal journey that brought her to Cervest. Here’s what she told us.

The pandemic had one positive benefit (among so many negatives). It actually created space for me to reflect. Working remotely at my computer, without commuting and the usual distractions of an office, I had time for daily walks – and time to think. Events at home had reminded me again of how important it was to make each day count for something. My children had reached an age where we could talk about climate change at the kitchen table. These factors starkly magnified just how much energy I was spending on work that did not necessarily connect with what I felt was ‘meaningful’.

As 2021 rolled around, it was time to really stop and think. I had an amazing job, working with incredibly smart and kind colleagues. I was supported and challenged, with space to grow. But my priorities had shifted. I was greatly inspired and influenced by the small-but-mighty team at The International Tree Foundation, where I was privileged to serve on the board of trustees. These individuals were truly making a difference in their day jobs. I wanted to work for an organization whose mission and values were more aligned to my own.

That’s when I came across Cervest. It felt like the stars had finally aligned. I was able to remain in the start-up space I had fallen in love with in 2017. And there were so many more ‘ticked boxes’. Cervest is mission led, B-Corp Certified and squarely remote-first allowing me to truly flex my work around my family commitments.

Back in 2017, when I left Google to join a start-up, my manager asked me a simple question: “Are you running away from something, or running towards something? If it’s the latter you have my complete and enthusiastic support.” That question has stayed with me. I don't see my move to Cervest as “escaping”. I didn’t ’run away’. The skills I’ve learnt over my 20-year career working in corporate roles were a big part of what built my career. I look back on those years with pride. But today, there is an abundance of work opportunities that make it easier to make that change, to ‘run towards’ something more meaningful, as evidenced by the Escape 100 list.

At Cervest, I’m working with some of the smartest and diverse individuals I’ve ever had the privilege to collaborate with. This amazing team is passionate about ensuring that their hard work is directed towards one of the biggest problems of our generation. It's also a company that is committed to creating a working environment that prioritizes flexibility, inclusion and sustainability.

It has also presented some incredible career challenges, proving to me that doing something meaningful can also go hand in hand with progressing my personal career and continuing to grow and learn. We’re building the team here with a strong focus on personal growth and a values system that includes Integrity, curiosity and community.

Together we're imagining – and architecting – a Climate Intelligent world. We’re united in our mission to empower everyone to adapt with climate change and build a resilient future for our planet.

Interested in joining our team of climate intelligence pioneers? Have a look at our job openings.

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