6 September 2022

4 ESG events to attend in Q3, 2022


By Cervest

4 ESG events to attend in Q3, 2022

Climate change is rapidly pushing ESG up the agenda. One-third of Pakistan is underwater, Europe faces soaring energy prices on the back of the recent heatwave, and President Biden has committed USD369 billion investment in climate and energy policies - the largest investment in combating climate change in U.S. history. The pressure is on for businesses to build climate literacy and act on climate risk.

Why do businesses need to build climate literacy?

Climate literacy is a growing requirement for businesses. Driven by accelerating and costly climate events, in tandem with governments making reporting on climate-related financial risk mandatory. Climate disclosure in line with the TCFD recommendations is already compulsory for a growing number of companies in the UK, and the SEC has put forward a proposal to implement similar regulations in the U.S. Backed by the G20, it's not a case of if your company will have to report on its climate change risk, it’s when.

By accessing decision-useful and timely disclosure data, investors, regulators and insurance underwriters can accurately price the risk and opportunities related to climate change. This creates the market transparency required to guide investments,, encourage climate-resilient action, and allow businesses to transition smoothly to a low-carbon economy. It’s therefore essential that companies produce accurate and credible disclosures to enable this transition. Not an easy task for those who lack the time or level of climate literacy to create these reports.

A hub for networking, knowledge exchange, and accelerated learning, ESG events are a critical opportunity for companies to build their climate literacy or find solutions needed to enhance their ESG reporting. Below, we share four ESG events that can help your organization get up to speed with climate risk.

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1. Sustainability Live 2022

Sustainability Live takes place online and in London on September 7-8. Shaping the future of sustainability, the event will see “more than 70 internationally acclaimed, inspirational leaders from the global sustainability community present valuable solutions for, and debate topical issues on, the most pressing aspects of sustainability in our world today.”

2. ESG and Climate Risk Week

Hosted by The Economist, ESG and Climate Risk Week takes place virtually and in person in London on September 13th – 15th 2022. The event will cover ways to identify, measure, manage and report on ESG issues and climate-related risks. It also “underscores why a siloed approach to managing ESG issues will no longer work in 2022 and beyond.”

3. Climate Week NYC 2022

Hailed the biggest climate event on earth, Climate Week NYC takes place September 19 - 25. “Bringing together the most influential leaders in climate action from business, government, and the climate community, in conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly and the City of New York.” Climate Week NYC is on a mission to drive climate action. Fast.

4. London Climate Technology Show

Connecting global climate technology stakeholders for a brighter tomorrow and a sustainable future, the London Climate Technology Show takes place on October 19 - 20. Whilst the event itself isn't in Q3, planning for this effort will be. Intending to be the most-important Climate Technology exhibition and conference, it will provide an exclusive stage for the entire sustainability value chain “to network and deliberate upon the ways to mitigate climate crisis through sustainable business solutions, disruptive technology and advanced knowledge.”

An introduction to climate intelligence

ESG heads are all too familiar with why individuals, departments or even entire business networks cannot afford to work in silos when it comes to climate change. All four of these events can help individuals build their climate literacy, but sustainability leaders wanting to build climate literacy into their entire organization must harness the power of climate intelligence (CI). Empowering you to put climate at the core of every decision, CI is asset-level intelligence on climate risk to inform decision-making.

It offers a single source of quantified, science-backed truth about climate risk that can be accessed and shared by all stakeholders such as investors and board members. Once all involved parties share the same clear view of risk and consequences of inaction, the business case is clear for prioritizing action and allocating resources to mitigate it.

Our climate intelligence experts will be in attendance at all of the above ESG events and are eager to share how our flagship CI product, EarthScan™, can empower your organization to discover, analyze and act on climate risk. Whether you have questions about how CI can generate report-ready physical climate risk insights or inform risk management strategies at the asset- or portfolio-level, contact us to set up a face-to-face meeting at one of these events.

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