We're architecting a new era of climate intelligence

Start your climate intelligence journey with EarthScan™.
We're architecting a new era of climate intelligence

Climate must be at the core of every decision

The climate now demands unprecedented decision-making clarity to strengthen our collective resilience. Clarity that drives change at a transformative pace and on a massive scale. Clarity that only climate intelligence can deliver.

Cervest’s climate intelligence is built on three core principles: irrefutable and evolving science, quantification for every asset, and open access for all. Seeing and sharing the risks we face and the actions we must take creates a Climate Intelligence Network™ — enabling us to collaborate with transparency and adapt as we transition to a low-carbon society.

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Instantly access climate intelligence with EarthScan

Enterprises, governments and NGOs use EarthScan’s dynamic, on-demand climate intelligence to make decisions that strengthen asset resilience, support Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) aligned disclosure, and protect their value — all underpinned by leading-edge climate science.

  • Build personalized asset portfolios and share with collaborators — inside and outside your organization.

  • Discover early — and quantify — the biggest vulnerabilities and opportunities in your portfolio, across multiple climate scenarios and time horizons.

  • Rewire your organizational processes with climate intelligence for informed decision-making.

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Embed climate intelligence into transaction-level decisions with EarthCap

Banks, Asset Managers and insurance providers can now use the climate risk capabilities of EarthCap™ to integrate cutting-edge climate modeling research into decision making.

  • Use the CVaR (Climate Value-at-Risk) inherent in credit decision making processes to correctly reprice the risk

  • Optimize current portfolios and generate benchmarks for target investee instruments based on their underlying climate volatility

  • Evaluate the financial impact of differing ‘climate shock’ stress testing scenarios

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“With the help of Cervest, we are able to identify future climate change related impacts at varying degree rises in a geographically specific context and use that knowledge to create future proofed climate transition and adaptation strategies for our clients.”

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Fusing human ingenuity with machine learning

Earth Science AI™ is the advanced science and technology behind EarthScan and EarthCap. It unifies climate data with earth science expertise, data modeling, and machine learning to present a standardized and science-based view of climate risk across millions of global assets.

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Arjun Infrastructure Partners

“Using Cervest’s climate intelligence we are able to harness climate science from a range of leading sources, across multiple climate scenarios and time horizons, to derive decision-useful insights.”

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Start your climate intelligence journey

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