11 February 2022

Welcome to the Women in Climate Science Hub

Dr. Helen Beddow

By Dr. Helen Beddow

Welcome to the Women in Climate Science Hub

Hello and welcome to Cervest’s Women in Climate Science Hub.

We created this resource in support of the 7th annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science, an event designed to encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM. This campaign is particularly important in climate science, a field playing a crucial role by helping the world adapt with climate change. 

To contribute to this initiative, we’ve filled this hub with useful information about what it means to be a woman working in one of the many areas of climate science. It includes interviews with Cervest’s pioneering scientists, a library of insightful resources, and articles explaining the connection between women, water, and climate change.

As a company with science and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) in our DNA, we believe women in STEM should be supported and their contribution to climate action celebrated throughout their careers, not just on one specific day. In keeping with this belief, we will be updating this hub on a regular basis. So do check back if you want to learn more about building a career in climate science. 

If you’re interested in a career in climate science at Cervest, or looking at our other job openings, check out our jobs page.

If you want to learn more about the work we’re doing at Cervest, and our mission to empower everyone to adapt with climate change, head over to our about us page

Happy exploring!

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