29 November 2021

Post COP26 let’s keep the focus on climate resilience with better Climate Intelligence awareness

By Cervest

Post COP26 let’s keep the focus on climate resilience with better Climate Intelligence awareness

There's no time to wait...

With COP26 behind us and the festive season fast approaching, it’s tempting to think that planning for climate resilience can wait until next year. But, in a world where our children are set to experience seven times more scorching heatwaves, and nearly three times more droughts and riverine flooding, we really can’t afford to wait.

Businesses cannot afford to ignore our volatile climate

If that future seems far off, then consider how we started 2021. In January, powerful storms ravaged California, causing a colossal amount of damage, costing businesses, governments and individuals an estimated total of $1.1 billion. Extreme wind caused power outages for tens of thousands of homes. Over 10 inches of rain fell in just 24 hours causing mudslides and debris-flows to obliterate dozens of buildings and thousands of people had to be evacuated.

The results of our recent Climate Intelligence Outlook revealed that climate related events of this scale are no longer an anomaly. Eighty-eight percent of the businesses we surveyed in the UK and US reported having at least one of their assets affected by extreme weather events in the last five years. Plus, 83% believe climate volatility poses a “medium to significant” risk to their business bottom line.

Extreme climate events are becoming more frequent and more severe, says Cervest Founder and CEO Iggy Bassi, “We've reached an inflection point in our relationship with the climate. Business as usual is no longer fit for purpose. Billions of decisions on our physical assets need climate aligning, starting now. Climate analytics can’t get us there. Only Climate Intelligence can deliver the decision-making clarity we need to make climate-aligned decisions that put us on the path to a more resilient future for our planet.”

Helping to build global resilience

At Cervest, we’re building a Climate Intelligence (CI) platform that, for the first time, makes it possible for enterprises, governments and individuals to put climate at the core of every decision. Cervest offers the only Climate Intelligence built on irrefutable and evolving science, quantification for every asset, and open access for all.

Building a more climate intelligent world starts with broader climate resilience awareness. This week, we’re kicking off a #CIAwareness campaign to help raise awareness of the need for Climate Intelligence and how it can help every organization be better prepared to manage and thrive in the face of climate volatility.

We’ll be sharing Climate Intelligence stats and insights on LinkedIn and Twitter in the coming days and weeks under the hashtag #CIAwareness. Join us by sharing your own insights on how your organization plans to build resilience for the physical assets you own, manage or rely on — in 2022 and beyond.

Head to Twitter and Linkedin and use the hashtag #CIAwareness.

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