7 January 2022

Infographic: putting climate at the core of every decision in 2022

By Cervest

Infographic: putting climate at the core of every decision in 2022

Architecting a new era of Climate Intelligence takes time, talent, and vision. We’re envisioning a more resilient future for our planet. One where your organization can put climate at the core of every decision. So everyone, everywhere can adapt with climate change.

However, real change doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does building the world’s first open, networked Climate Intelligence platform. We’re on a mission to enable everyone to identify, analyze and act on their climate risk and opportunities.

Cervest is moving from strength to strength, and 2022 will be no exception. That’s why, as we go trailblazing into the new year, we want to reflect on what our Climate Intelligence pioneers have achieved so far.

As our Founder and CEO, Iggy Bassi, says “It’s an extraordinary problem we’re tackling and it requires extraordinary talent, passion and commitment.” These qualities are the very foundations that we will continue to build on to realize our mission and have enabled us to achieve the incredible milestones presented in the infographic below.

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