28 October 2019

Food Matters Live: Q&A and Table Talk Podcast

By Cervest

Food Matters Live: Q&A and Table Talk Podcast

Food Matters Live: Q&A

Speaking at Food Matters Summit on 19th November, Cervest CEO & Founder Iggy Bassi will join other forward thinkers as they identify the game-changing developments in practices and technology that will transform the global food system. Ahead of his appearance he talked to the Food Matters Live team about the inspiration behind Cervest and how he sees technology shaping the future of land based processes and assets. Read his Q&A here.

Food Matters Live: Table Talk Podcast

What potential does technology, including AI, have to help revolutionise farming and agriculture systems? Is agritech the answer to a sustainable future?

Ahead of the Food Matters Summit in November, our Founder & CEO Iggy Bassi joined a panel of experts in the fields of technology & sustainability, including Dr Katrina Hayter, Industrial Strategy Challenge Director, Innovate UK, Belinda Clarke, Director, Agri Tech East, & JP Dorgan, Global Head of Client Services, Map of Ag, for a podcast to discuss the challenge. Listen here.

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