28 October 2021

9 Benefits of Remote Work as told by the Humans behind Cervest

By Cervest

9 Benefits of Remote Work as told by the Humans behind Cervest

To quote Cervest Founder and CEO, Iggy Bassi, “Climate change is an everybody problem.” It’s just one reason why we do not want to geographically limit the talent pool to those living at a commutable distance to a single office, instead we choose to practice remote work.

We want optimistic pioneers from around the world to be able to join our global team, which spans across no less than 11 different countries! Help us build a climate intelligent world, join us?

What does remote work mean?

Remote work means that you can work from almost anywhere. Instead of working in a single physical space, the team works in a shared digital space. An online environment that spans across the globe, all thanks to technologies such as Slack, GSuite and Shortcut.

To put it plainly, we prefer the internet to petrol. It all contributes to Cervest’s mission of building a more resilient future for our planet.

Working remotely does come with its own challenges. However, the People Team at Cervest have worked incredibly hard to create a remote-first company culture where company success and individual development thrive! From celebrating Weekly Wins together, to Iteration Reviews and virtual gardening classes, there’s a real sense of community at Cervest.

9 Remote Work Benefits

Teams and individuals have flourished whilst working remotely, with many discovering a new and better work-life balance. Here are 9 remote work benefits according to the humans behind Cervest...

1. Juggling a career and being a full-time parent is a lot easier

“Being remote-first really helps me get everything done as a parent of a young child. I can put on the slow-cooker, do a wash or walk the dog on my lunch break. It makes the juggle more possible! It means not giving up my career when I had a child which is so important to me.”

- Nadia Stones, Virtual Office Manager

Nadia Stones and her child

2. You can make the most of the virtual commute

“Avoiding a commute means I have time in the morning for French lessons. I get to (virtually) travel to the Basque country to chat with my teacher before my morning standups”

- Conan Cook, VP of Engineering

3. You feel closer to home

“Remote working means I can go stay with my parents in India instead of just visiting them for short periods of time. Being so far-away from my family and culture, I miss some of the small (and big) celebrations because they don't always line up with when and for how long I can take a holiday.

Now I can do my work while in India and simultaneously get to enjoy spending time with my family. It helps that I work better in the evenings, so the time difference works in my favour.”

- Ramani Lachyan, Junior Research Scientist

4. You get to watch your kids grow up in front of your very eyes

“As someone who has spent my entire life commuting, being remote first is literally the difference between watching my kids grow up on a phone screen or in real life!”

- John White, VP Strategic Partners & Customers

5. You really can pursue your passion

“Whilst living in London, I fell in love with bachata, a Latin American dance performed much in Spain. Remote working meant I didn’t have to choose between my passion for the dance and my passion for this job, so I chose both!”

People standing next to the beach

“Earlier this year, I decided to follow my dance passion and move to Barcelona, where I have found an amazing community of dancers and love the Spanish way of living. Who says beaches have to be just for holidays?”

- Owen Van Eer, Statistical Scientist

6. Your family can come first no matter what

“Because of remote working, when my Dad fell and had hip surgery, I was able to be with him in India, be part of his recovery and keep working my regular hours without having to stop anything.”

- Partha Bose, Head of Data Strategy and Solutions

7. It's easier to put your health first

“Working from home means that I can squeeze in a kickboxing session in the middle of my day to 'kickstart' my afternoon. Cervest's flexible hours mean that I can afford to take a longer lunchtime to workout without having to worry about sticking to a strict 60 minute break.

I know I can block out my diary and unless it's absolutely unavoidable, no one will book meetings or calls with me, so I'm free to punch, kick, lift and jump to my heart's content!”

- Jay Freeborn, Marketing Manager

8. You can quite literally work anywhere

“Remote working means you really can work anywhere. Right now, I work from the tackroom at my yard, which I've been able to turn into a quiet, comfortable working space. As a riding enthusiast, I've always juggled taking care of and training with my horses before and after work (they are very time-consuming!), so that I can keep riding competitively alongside focusing on my career.”

Claire Huck training with a horse

“Now, they are just outside my door and my work-life balance is better than it has ever been. I'm more productive and motivated at work, can always pop outside for a hug with my horses when I need a break and my alarm goes off at 5:30am now, which is a significant improvement on the previous!”

- Claire Huck, Head of CEO Office

9. You can swap the hustle & bustle

“Having lived in London for the last 15 years, I was eager to have access to a garden and have my own office to help me separate work and life spaces. I joined Cervest five months ago and moved last month to beautiful Devon. I now have a garden, a veg patch, an office and plenty of space to play with. Instead of the hustle and bustle of the City, I spend my evenings and weekends hiking, wild swimming and forest bathing! I couldn’t have gained this freedom if Cervest wasn’t remote first.”

- Marie Favre, People Operations Manager

Marie Favre in her garden

Remote Works at Cervest

Our growing, remote-first team of impatient optimists is eager to welcome new colleagues and Research Residents who want to help put climate at the core of every decision. Together, we can build a more resilient future for our planet.

If going back into the office isn’t for you and remote work suits your lifestyle, then apply now to become a Climate Intelligence pioneer! Discover Cervest’s job openings.

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