Introducing EarthScan

Making Climate Intelligence openly accessible and free to everyone


Our world-first, open-access Earth Science AI platform powers users to proactively manage their climate security.


Evolving platform capabilities


Beta Testing

  • Baseline and monitor climatic risk for areas of interest with personalised risk thresholds
  • Assess historic and forecasted extreme heat and precipitation impacts for areas in Europe 
  • Set and receive customised alerts on potential impact from these extreme events 
  • Classify crops and monitor yield forecasts at a regional level across the EU (initial asset-level capabilities)


Phase 1 - Open access asset-level monitoring
  • Explore and query an initial library of climate data and asset inventory
  • Map and claim your assets on an interactive dashboard
  • Baseline current asset-level risk against 40 years of historic data
  • Dynamic forecasting on your European and North American assets across additional climate variables (global over time) to support operational and strategic decisions
  • Share forecasts within your organisation and/or across your value chain
Phase 2 - Expanded asset monitoring
  • Strengthen operational resilience by simultaneously analysing short-term shocks with personalised risk thresholds for multiple assets 
  • Global inventory of built-environment and rural assets with expanded climate variables and forecast ranges
Phase 3: Advanced disclosure analysis and risk ratings
  • Analyse and rate assets for medium-to-long term risk correlating multivariable analysis to meet emerging disclosure requirements
  • Deliver a science-based, independent climate risk platform for any asset, anywhere on the planet
Phase 4: Asset-level recommendations
  • Platform to evolve into powerful recommendation engine leveraging cutting-edge modelling and frontier AI/ML techniques 
  • Generate automated, personalised, independent asset-level recommendations 
  • Enabling decision-making that enhances the resilience of individual assets as well as that of our planet 

We’re offering selected partners early beta access to our AI platform. From risk analysts to modellers to C-suite decision- and policy-makers, across insurance, finance, FMCG and government, you’ll benefit from the comprehensive climate risk data and analysis provided by our platform – personalised for you to proactively manage your asset-level risk.