Machine learning for Planet Earth

Planet Earth is a complex ‘system’. Understanding risks and forecasting trends involves the fusion of multiple sciences and the modelling of dynamic natural systems. Our scientists have combined cutting-edge machine learning methods and algorithmic design to do just that.

Multi-Crop Machine Learning (MCML)


We have developed our own state-of-the-art Bayesian statistical methodology that allows us to make sense of large volumes of space-time data from a wide variety of sources, from satellites to farms.

Whether you’re a crop science company, a grower, CPG company, or a policymaker, our MCML platform provides deeply personalised crop prescriptions, generated to simultaneously safeguard your business and our planet. MCML powers our three pioneering products – DecisionVest, FarmVest, and CODEX – all purpose-built for your needs.

Core elements

Our software combines predictive and self-learning capabilities to enable you to better manage risk by making science-powered decisions about how to adapt for the future – days, weeks, months or years in advance.

Any crop. Any time. Anywhere

We simulate, in silico, land performance, from soil to sky, across space and time, with unprecedented precision irrespective of location – without the need for in-situ devices.

Exponential learning

Our platform simultaneously learns across millions of hectares, multiple crops, and ecosystems around the world – and with each new data point and simulation, its capability grows exponentially.

Automated & real-time analysis

We automate personalised risk analysis from bioclimatic, biophysical and image data, supporting sourcing and land-based decisions today and simulating the future for science-based adaptation.

Optimising for data scarcity

We draw data from the planet’s most trusted sources, so where your data might be limited or uncertain, our pioneering algorithms are able to optimise for data scarcity.

Best-fit adaption choices

Our machine learning technique can tell you what is happening and what will happen but also, crucially, what to do about it – helping you to secure future supplies and protect Earth’s natural capital.