AI for climate smart decisions

Ensuring business continuity and sustainable growth in a volatile world

De-risk your land and crop decisions

with personalised, early signals


Our pioneering machine learning platform monitors, predicts and simulates land and crop productivity. It
detects disruption fast and accurately – so that you can protect your business, your assets and our planet.


Serving some of the world’s leading crop science and food businesses as well as policy makers, we empower
those responsible for nature’s resources to make better decisions today, and adapt quickly for tomorrow.


What we do

Scientific platform

We have combined statistical science, computational sustainability, geospatial and agronomic data to create a unique platform that analyses land areas – from soil to sky.

Advanced climate AI

Our pioneering algorithms 
empower you to make climate smart
decisions on in-season and long-term
land and crop productivity, as well
as land use policy.

Regenerating our planet

We map complex field-to-biome interactions to ensure that the decisions you make secure future supplies while also rebalancing Earth’s natural capital.

How we help you

If the productivity and resilience of land is integral to your business, we’re here to help you make smart, informed decisions today that will create a more certain future.

De-risking decisions

We help you make confident and early choices for your land, farm, business or region, by dynamically modelling 
land and crop productivity.

Low cost, personalised AI

Our powerful, scalable AI provides personalisedanalysis globally at your fingertips, across land and multiple crops – without the need for expensive sensors and drones.

Scenario planning

We simulate land performance and natural capital changes for any scenario, location or time, intelligently learning for the future, so that you can adapt. 

Decoding data

We generate early warnings and personalised insight – cutting through data overload and scientific complexity via easy-to-use mobile and desktop applications.

Latest News

André DuBuisson 
Chief Product Officer

Andre is a product specialist with 16 years’ experience delivering and growing global B2C / B2B products and Marketplaces across multiple sectors.

He’s successfully serviced diverse clients in product management, business analysis, UX and consulting. Recent engagements have included the innovative use of data science & technology in dynamic marketplaces and developing a large-scale customer engagement platform.

He has previously held product leadership positions at Victor Limited and Collinson Group, developing customer loyalty solutions for well-known international brands.