23 May 2023

Join us at our webinar with Verdantix: putting climate intelligence into action for your organization


By Cervest

Join us at our webinar with Verdantix: putting climate intelligence into action for your organization

Recently, the world’s leading climate scientists gave a stark warning about the climate crisis we are now in. The climate scientists at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) completed their comprehensive sixth assessment report in March and the message was clear: act now, or it’ll be too late.

Every day, we get more news about our ever-changing climate. According to a PLOS study, in under 30 years, London’s climate will be more like current-day Barcelona. Plus, 75% of major global cities will have a totally different climate to the one their infrastructures were created for.

As the IPCC highlighted extremely well, climate change calls for action. There’s no time to waste, organizations must have solid adaptation plans in place for what’s to come. Climate intelligence (CI) is at the heart of sustainability strategies and the climate risk transparency CI offers to organizations is crucial.

Heads of sustainability, ESG leaders and risk managers have a lot to navigate right now, so with this in mind, we’re hosting a webinar about driving action with CI. Join our webinar on 28th June at 11am BST to get information on how companies can make climate intelligent decisions and take action with CI. We’re delighted to be running this webinar in conjunction with Verdantix, with key speakers Alice Saunders, a Net Zero and Climate Risk Analyst from Verdantix, and Dr. Helen Beddow, Cervest’s Climate Content and Knowledge Lead. It promises to be an insightful, educational session on how companies can act on CI to become more climate-resilient.

Our valuable webinar will be focused on the actions organizations can take once they have access to science-backed CI: what they can do once they have discovered the physical climate risks facing their assets and how to power adaptation measures against climate hazards such as droughts, heatwaves, and wildfires.

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Who are Verdantix and why are they experts?

An advisory, research, and events company, Verdantix is pioneering the way as a thought leader for global transformation. The organization works to future-proof businesses and innovate in the technology sector.

Verdantix’s research capabilities cover five areas of expertise: environment, health, and safety, ESG and sustainability, net zero and climate risk, operational excellence, and smart buildings. The company educates firms in these five areas – helping them to run effective, sustainable operations. Offering highly-trusted independent insights and analysis, the experts at Verdantix have deep knowledge, and a strategic vision, and partner with change-makers in many of the world’s most dynamic organizations.

The agenda: powering action with CI

Alice Saunders will be talking about the pressures on organizations to act on their climate risks and the cost of not acting on physical climate risks. Alice will also talk about regulatory disclosure requirements across the world.

Alice will then examine how modern supply chains – in particular, central distribution points and lean inventory – exacerbate an organization’s vulnerability to physical climate risk. To conclude, Helen will cover why shared visibility of climate risk across supply chains is important and the ROI from contingency planning.

Cervest’s Dr. Helen Beddow will be talking about three key areas. She will cover:

  • Adapting assets to physical risk

    Helen will discuss capacity-building for climate resilience, and how this resilience is the sum of the actions an organization takes over the short-, medium-, and long-term to adapt to climate change. She will uncover practical case studies including Wickes, Capgemini and Accenture who are applying Cervest CI to adapt assets for extreme weather events. The cost of short-term thinking will be discussed, with examples of maladaptation, stranded assets, and business models. She will also look at the potential for return on investment (ROI) after improved resilience through adaptation.

  • Improving organizations reporting capabilities through CI

    Helen will also be addressing how current reporting isn’t sufficient: with the biggest gaps being in technical and quantitative recommendations and climate scenario analysis. Building the technical capability to assess climate impacts on a business takes time, especially if an organization is new to climate risk reporting. Helen will also dive into how a clear narrative on climate-related impacts (with a forward-looking analysis) is critical, as is building transparency across organizational reporting by ensuring there is enough detail on the what, how, and why of an organization’s analysis.

Don’t miss these expert insights on powering action with CI. To attend please register for the webinar here.

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