7 December 2022

Powering action with climate intelligence


By Cervest

Powering action with climate intelligence

Is your organization driving action to adapt your assets with climate change? There’s no time to wait.

At Cervest, we are driving real change for our customers. Our climate intelligence (CI) product EarthScan™ is helping organizations across several sectors access climate-critical insight on their assets, allowing them to take action and build resilience against climate hazards.

Gaining access to asset-level climate intelligence is the key to fully understanding – and acting on climate risk. Scanning companies’ valuable assets, EarthScan can help to identify and rate climate risk across an entire portfolio and related supply chain.

Our powering action with climate intelligence ebook gives real life examples of the actions that our customers have been able to take after discovering their climate risk, and how this has changed their businesses for the better.

“CI provides the new climate literacy every decision-maker needs to plan, fund, and build our critical infrastructure and protect our most valuable assets. Cervest helps institutional investors factor climate risk into key investment decisions and meet climate-related financial disclosure deadlines.”

Iggy Bassi, Founder and CEO of Cervest

In the e-book, we provide three use cases for professionals in retail, asset management, and environmental services advisory. Here is a short summary of each. Download the full ebook for more information about their challenges and successes.

Climate intelligence in retail

For the retail use case, we highlighted a major U.K. retailer that aimed to bolster its climate-related financial risk disclosure report by including more meticulous insights about critical assets. This includes their own retail locations and offices, alongside assets linked to their supply chain.

Through our product EarthScan, we enabled the Head of Sustainability and his team to scan hundreds of assets for multiple singular physical risks and combined physical risk, organize insight on supply chain risk, and blend this information into all their reporting. This resulted in the retailer benefitting from having a standardized process for reporting and upgrading its ESG strategy.

It also meant there was more clarity in risk management decision-making and there was a far more granular knowledge about individual asset risk across various timelines. Furthermore, the company used these valuable insights to educate stakeholders and staff further on climate risk – using the insight as a precious resource for development.

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Climate intelligence for asset managers

The Head of ESG at a global asset management firm was seeking a more effective way to converse with global investment clients about their assets and the impact of climate change on them. The solution they required needed to be easy to implement, as they had to use it across a multitude of projects and portfolios – they didn’t want to waste money on costly independent consulting.

Using EarthScan’s comprehensive insight enabled them to analyze their client’s pre-transaction and existing assets for physical climate risk across three IPCC-aligned climate emissions scenarios. They were able to perform Climate Value-at-Risk (CVaR) calculations – sending them to the financial department for sign-off. Importantly, regarding assets and physical risk, they were able to see the full picture over multiple decades, providing them with the insight necessary to take mitigation and adaptation measures.

Earthscan allowed their clients to see their most immediate climate risks and make informed decisions. This enabled investment clients to structure companywide ESG and risk management targets. The climate intelligence generated also helped with TCFD reporting needs.

Climate intelligence for environmental services advisories

For this use case, a global environmental services advisory partner wanted to add advanced climate risk screening into client risk assessments. They turned to Cervest for help.

The on-demand, science-backed climate intelligence provided through EarthScan meant they could scan clients’ current asset portfolios and future acquisitions. They could look at a spectrum of climate hazards, for example, flooding, wildfire, and drought over the three IPCC-aligned climate emissions scenarios to ascertain which assets needed further investigation. They screened the physical risk landscape to understand changes to an infrastructure’s end-to-end lifecycle – supporting risk management. The company also saw Climate Value-at-Risk (CVaR) calculations to fully comprehend the potential climate hazards and financial implications.

The insight allowed them to act on the most urgent climate-related physical risks, and segment individual assets over various locations and timelines, according to hazard exposure. This empowering knowledge led them to act quickly, confidently, and efficiently. Finally, it aided their reporting – it assisted them with climate-related financial reporting requirements per the TCFD-aligned climate risk reporting.

How EarthScan’s climate intelligence can help your organization

Our comprehensive and on-demand climate intelligence provides decision-makers with the insight they need to compile extensive, consistent reports, and fully inform sustainability strategy and actions: whether it be for property investment, infrastructure design, or adaptation.

Read the e-book How companies are using climate intelligence to move from discussion to action on climate commitments here and find more of our downloadable industry e-books in our Climate Intelligence Academy.

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