22 October 2021

Cervest Establishes Climate Intelligence Council with world-leading experts from science, policy, finance, technology and business

Dr. Claire Huck

By Dr. Claire Huck

Cervest Establishes Climate Intelligence Council with world-leading experts from science, policy, finance, technology and business

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Cervest Climate Intelligence Council (CIC). The Council reflects the key values that underlie our mission and vision to bring Climate Intelligence to everyone, everywhere. Formed earlier this year, the Council brings together a group of highly respected experts from the fields of science, policy, finance, technology and business. Along with their sector-expertise, all of our members bring a passion for democratized access to Climate Intelligence and a commitment to advance adaptation and resilience to climate risk across economies and communities alike.

Climate Intelligence Council goals:
  • Communicate and advocate Climate Intelligence across all sectors.

  • Provide objectivity rooted in expertise.

  • Ensure Climate Intelligence is shared and remains transparent.

Our CEO and Founder Iggy Bassi, created the CIC to bring together experts from across the climate ecosystem, elevating Climate Intelligence globally. “The CIC provides an opportunity to build relationships across different sectors to help educate, exchange knowledge and offer an expert perspective,” Iggy said. “Members have one shared mission: to build resilience into our future through our communities, businesses and economies.” Cervest’s work is rooted in world-class science and technology. Bringing this expertise to the discussion is essential to both protect and enhance the value of Climate Intelligence and guarantee a resilient future.

The CIC's inaugural members are:

Visit our Team page to read their bios. Each one will be introduced on our blog in the coming weeks. These blogs will cover what they are working on in the climate space right now, why they joined the CIC and what they think organizations should be doing today to adapt with climate change.

We’re only just getting started. We’ll be inviting more Council members globally to join in the coming months and years.

EDIT (10/22): new members of the CIC

Since its inauguration in 2021, several global leaders have joined the CIC. These new members include:

  • Carol Browner, Former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

  • R.P. Eddy, CEO of geopolitical intelligence firm, Ergo

  • Dr. Byron Auguste, CEO and Co-Founder of Opportunity@Work, and former presidential advisor

  • Dr. Sara Boettiger, Former SVP, Head of Global Public Affairs, Science and Sustainability for Crop Science Division at Bayer

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