Salary – £45k-55k / annum (dependent on experience)


N.B. While this role offers flexible working, it is NOT a remote role. The successful applicant will need to attend our London office at least 12 working days per month. You need to have the legal right to live and work in the UK.


Are you a software engineer? Do you program competently in one language? Maybe you have already branched out and started learning another or even mastered another?  How do you feel about Functional Programming?

If you are two to three years (or more) into your career and you are looking for an environment that prioritises innovation and excellence, from the stack we use to the code we create, then we want to talk to you…

Cervest is a start-up that is actually trying to do good in the World. Would you like to help us by using your powers for good?

We are trying to fix some of the problems that the Earth and Humankind face with regard to sustainability, risk and waste in the food and agriculture sector, and to do that we are using computers, maths and SCIENCE! ?Have a look at our website ->

Our development team builds the infrastructure, platform and user interfaces that will facilitate the practice of computational statistics and data science within our company and that will place the outputs in the hands of our clients, so that they can make better choices and reduce the risk and waste in their supply chains.

We use Clojure, and while you don’t need to already be a Clojure developer, this role will require that you learn the language and the paradigm it sits within.  Clojure is a Turing Complete Functional Programming language, in the form of a LISP that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (amongst other targets). You can find out more about it here ->
We also use ClojureScript, which is a dialect of Clojure that is transpiled to JavaScript using the Google Closure Compiler.  If you want to find out more about this you can do that here ->

(If you are keen to learn more about Clojure, in person, please investigate the excellent Clojurebridge organisation which specifically targets women, people from BAME backgrounds, Trans people and other people from under-represented groups in software engineering  – the London “chapter” is about to have a training event, and they are free ->

The London Clojurians also offer a varied timetable of free events open to all, including talks and Coding Dojos, all of which you can find out about here ->

You have to be interested in learning Clojure, and possibly ClojureScript – if you are already familiar you will be quickly given the opportunity to refine and hone your skills.  While there is a __tiny__ amount of Python on the stack, we are planning to replace it. If you don’t want to be a Clojure developer this is not the job for you.

You also HAVE to want to use your powers for good – we REALLY ARE a company with a mission. ?

OK, so, here are some bullet points as to the skills and experience we are looking for.  The further down the list the less important they are – please be assured that as long as you are a competent programmer who is eager to learn, then we want to talk to you.  Really only the first bullet point is the deal-breaker. If you are excited about who we are and what we are trying to do, then as long as you are already a coder, we will teach you the rest:

    • 2-3 years (or more) experience of software engineering, and competence, to the level of genuine comfort and ease of use, with one programming language.
    • Some experience using Relational Database Systems, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer..
    • Some understanding / experience of other data store paradigms, such as KV Store, NoSQL DBs etc.
    • Some Front-End / Web experience – you need to be competent and reasonably up to date (HTML 5, CSS 3 etc.), but if that’s as far as it goes, that’s enough.


    • Clojure
    • ClojureScript – if you know Clojure it’s a shallow learning curve (these days).
    • JavaScript; modern JavaScript, and preferably a level of comfort with NPM, NodeJS and React or VueJS or similar.
    • CSS; modern CSS beyond a passing familiarity with Bootstrap.
    • Something weird and interesting not yet mentioned that might impress or intrigue me…

N.B. – no, really, this is important.

We are a pro-diversity company, and welcome people of all ages, genders, races, religions and sexualities.  We are keen to ensure that our company is a place where people can come together to do good work and simply do good, no matter their physical ability or neuro typicality. This does not mean we will hire people just to tick boxes, but we will seriously consider, with equal weight, applications from anyone without prejudice on the above factors.


  • No agencies, please

You can download this job description here