We have less than 35 growing seasons to double food production in order to meet the needs of a nine-billion+ population. Yet Earth’s soil fertility is rapidly degrading and climate volatility is increasing, with the impacts being felt on the frontline by farmers, enterprises relying on crop supplies and governments setting policy. 


Cervest is changing the landscape using cutting edge technology and statistical science to create ‘decision useful’ tools for our users. We are building an AI-powered platform that will empower our users to make better ‘risk aware’ decisions by predicting land productivity, simulating climate impacts and providing early warning signals. 


We’re seeking a front end engineer to join our team at an exciting time for our business. You’ll be helping to grow our success as an AI-first platform, building infrastructure, platform and user interfaces that will facilitate the practice of computational statistics and data science within our company and that will place the outputs in the hands of our clients.


From the outset you’ll be passionate about bringing the innovative approaches needed to establish a brand new category, and using your skills to leverage both business success and real change in the world. Reporting to Oliver Godby, Cervest’s Head of Engineering and Technology, you will play a crucial role in working on feature-rich, exciting user interfaces and setting the tone of the next five to ten years of innovation in this exciting company. 


The role offers a unique opportunity to join an early-stage, highly mission-driven team where you’ll have the ability to make a significant impact on our company and our users. 


We are a team of impatient optimists who want to make a lasting, positive and sustainable impact across the planet. We believe the benefits of AI should be accessible, affordable and used to empower those managing nature’s resources – growers, buyers and policymakers – to adapt to rising climate volatility. 


We are also a pro-diversity company and passionate about bringing together people of all backgrounds, because we know that a diverse team will help us achieve our mission sooner. 


Are you inspired by the power of technology, science and data to create a more sustainable world? If so, join us on our journey and help shape the future of our planet and humanity.


Great if you have:

  • Javascript Programming Skills – Specifically ReactJS or similar paradigm.
  • ClojureScript OR a keen interest in learning ClojureScript
  • D3.js Skills, 
  • LeafletJS / Mapping on Web experience including tile services like MapBox
  • HTML / CSS
  • Linux familiarity / comfort
  • Git


Even better if you have:

  • Clojure
  • AWS Skills
  • NodeJS or Python or Ruby
  • GraphQL
  • SysOps / DevOps skills
  • Docker
  • GIS Skills – PostGIS, QGIS etc.
  • Sketch / Adobe XD
  • WordPress Skills



  • £45 – £55k / annum (dependent on experience)


Application information:

For a confidential, informal discussion on Cervest and the role, please feel free to contact Conan Cook at conan@cervest.earth. To apply for the role, please send your CV and a brief cover letter directly to Oliver Godsby at oliver@cervest.earth.

The interview process for this role will be in two stages.  The first will be based around a technical test which you may choose to do at home with a deadline, or in person with a member of the engineering team – depending on which approach you take this may vary in terms of time spent.  If successful at this stage we will move onto a one to two hour interview that will encompass further technical matters, discussion around Cervest and our culture and working practices and an opportunity for you to ask questions of us.


More about Cervest 


The problem we seek to solve

Climate risk and the related pressures on natural capital are fundamentally affecting the way enterprises, producers, and governments operate – both tactically and strategically. Increasing climate volatility is causing food supply disruptions, increasing pressure for disclosure and legal frameworks to support this, as well as impacting decisions related to land use. 


At the same time, while large sets of data and valuable methods of scientific measurement exist in some regions of the world, their complexity, incompleteness and sheer volume is too vast for humans to process with the tools available today. This ‘data chaos’ makes it difficult for anyone to use the output effectively. Equally, other parts of the world suffer from data scarcity, making it much harder to provide useful and timely analysis. In both contexts, it is difficult to draw meaningful conclusions from the data available, due to the interlinked complexity of the underlying environmental and biological processes.


The challenge is to address these issues simultaneously, at a commercially viable cost to produce and use the analysis.


Where Cervest is today 


Cervest was inspired by Founder Iggy Bassi’s experience of building a farm-2-market agribusiness whilst confronting first-hand the impacts of climate and natural resource volatilities. Passionate about AI’s potential, he set out to operationalise climate signals to support everyday business decisions that sustain the planet.


Cervest’s AI-first platform is designed to transform the decision-making capabilities of businesses, governments and growers, in the face of increasing climate volatility. By automating the collection and analysis of data, it will be able to generate early, accurate and personalised ‘climate signals’, which are uniquely accessed on a price-per-signal basis served over the cloud.  This will make it an extremely flexible and economical way for users to receive ‘decision useful’ intelligence without experiencing any of the overhead and complexity. 


We are building a pioneering scientific framework, rooted in computational statistics and machine learning, which will make it possible to simultaneously interrogate and process complex scientific and operational data including soil health, weather, water, land-use classification, and satellite imagery across different scales, resolutions and timescales for millions of hectares of land. From this we are able to extract personalised signals to forecast land productivity and inform land use over time, supporting mission-critical decision making both in-season and into the future. 


These early, accurate, and personalised streamed signals (which don’t rely on on-the-ground sensors or drones) can be incorporated into core government and business decision processes via a dashboard or API enabling them to be automatically shared across the enterprise and their value chain, allowing other business users to incorporate Cervest’s signal analysis into their respective decisions and processes relating to land. 


Our first data product offering is the provision of early, personalised ‘streaming’ signals on 2019 in-season crop yield at multiple spatial scales. This beta product is currently used by food and beverage companies to augment their decisions on volume, pricing, sourcing and related planning for ‘at-risk’ procurement orders, which we aim to deliver at a demonstrably lower cost compared to current means of yield estimation.


In 2019/20, our target customers and respective use cases for crop yield signals are food and beverage producers & growers, government, and insurance companies. As we develop our signal capability we will expand signals for other natural capital indicators to aid other businesses, including energy and retail companies and NGOs.


Cervest is a B-Corp aligned business and is backed by mission-aligned deep tech investors.