Introducing EarthScan

Making Climate Intelligence openly accessible and free to everyone

Your climate risk discovery tool

Cervest is making Climate Intelligence openly accessible and free to everyone through EarthScan™.


  • Open global asset data catalog of millions of physical assets
  • Open portfolios provide insights across common asset classes
  • Advanced climate risk signals at asset-level for up to 5 assets
  • EarthScan Ratings for clear comprehension and decision making
  • Use EarthScan Warning Lights to view risk exposure interactively on the world’s most advanced climate risk map

Understanding the exact climate risk to your assets is key to mitigating it

For the very first time, EarthScan equips enterprises, investors, governments and NGOs with the Climate Intelligence they need to anticipate and act on climate risk to their assets, from industry to infrastructure and factories to forests.

Discover past and future climate signals across your assets, including critical hazards such as flooding, droughts, temperature extremes, and then make informed decisions to protect, adapt and optimise them.

Climate complexity translated to actionable insight

Combining machine learning, artificial intelligence, climate science, and scalable computing, EarthScan presents a unified, standardized and shareable view of climate risk across millions of global assets that’s never before been possible.

A single, automated platform offers prescience of future climate risk, equips you to adapt, and enables you to quantify and disclose risk with full transparency and accountability.

Better decisions for a more resilient future

EarthScan™ gives organizations the capability to quantify, interpret, and integrate climate risks into core decisions.

With EarthScan’s™ insights in hand, enterprises of all scales are equipped to optimize millions of daily operational and long term strategic decisions across the globe.

As decision makers reduce their own risk, they create greater climate security for themselves.

More importantly, they form a global network of Climate Intelligent organizations operating with minimized climate risk contributing to greater systemic resilience and climate security for all.

View climate vulnerability across an unlimited number of assets with EarthScan Premium

  • Enjoy an unlimited view into the past and future risks affecting millions of assets of interest across the globe
  • Gain invaluable insight into the risks of any assets you choose, either from our collection of millions of pre-populated assets, or by uploading your own
  • Benchmark climate risk for financial disclosure compliance
  • Take action with a first-of-its-kind level of global marketplace transparency around climate risk in a single automated platform
  • Auto-generate asset benchmarking reports
  • Benchmark the climate risk of your physical assets against competitors

Discover your climate risk with the world’s first Climate Intelligence platform