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EarthScan’s™ Climate Intelligence gives you asset-level analysis and the insight you need to make better decisions today for a more resilient tomorrow.

Giving you on-demand analysis of the risks posed by a changing climate, EarthScan allows you to understand climate risks underpinning the assets you value most. Going back 50 years and looking ahead 80 years, it provides critical insight into acute and chronic risks such as flooding, droughts and extreme temperatures to help you baseline, monitor and forecast climate risk on your assets and make confident decisions.

Understand your climate risk

EarthScan equips all organizations with the Climate Intelligence needed to anticipate and act on climate risk to assets, from manufacturing plants to power stations, factories to five-star hotels.

Whether you’re responsible for Risk, Operations, Profit and Loss forecasting or ESG, if quantifying and reducing climate risk to your assets is your responsibility, you’ll find EarthScan is indispensable for making decisions that impact your business performance.

Translate complexity into actionable insights

Bringing together world-leading Earth Science expertise, data modelling and machine learning, EarthScan creates a personalized and shareable view of climate risk across millions of global assets that’s never before been possible.

Earthscan helps you to know when and where you need to adapt, and enables you to quantify and disclose risk with full transparency and accountability.

Make better decisions for a more resilient future

EarthScan gives you the ability to answer critical questions and integrate climate risk into core decisions.

  • What are the biggest climate risks for your existing and planned new locations?
  • Which of your built assets have been affected by climate risks over the last X years?
  • Which of your assets are likely to be affected by climate risks in the coming years and do you need to look at divestment strategies?
  • Which of your assets will see the greatest acceleration in risk (single hazard or multivariable) and what risk mitigation plans do you need to put in place?
  • Which assets have seen the most variability historically?

Start your Climate Intelligence Journey

One day, all core decisions will need Climate Intelligence. Essentially, being Climate Intelligent means having the knowledge and understanding to answer climate-related, business-critical questions, so you can make decisions, plan and take action on your most valued assets.

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