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Ebook download - Voluntary climate risk disclosure

Upgrade your 2022 ESG reporting with automated climate risk insights

Whether your sustainability team is compiling your company’s first climate-related financial disclosure report, or wants to augment your existing ESG reporting with independent data and insights, this guide is here to help.

Download this ebook to understand:

  • How other companies are tackling climate-related financial disclosure, based on a survey of over 800 UK and US climate strategy decision-makers.

  • Practical ways to incorporate climate science and asset-level insights into your internal and external climate risk reporting, including how Climate Intelligence (CI) can elevate your reporting capabilities.

  • Tools for creating reports that meet regulatory frameworks, including ones aligned with the guidelines recommended by the TCFD.

  • How the benchmarks established through reporting are an important first step toward factoring climate into operational, adaptation and risk management strategies across your organization.