Ebook: Powering action with climate intelligence

Ebook download: Powering action with climate intelligence

How companies are using climate intelligence to move from discussion to action on climate commitments

Climate intelligence (CI) is helping decision makers take action. Sustainability leaders are already using Cervest CI to discover the climate risks facing their assets, meet ESG commitments and create targeted adaptation and resilience plans. This allows them to make immediate asset, infrastructure, and supply chain changes to protect against hazards such as flooding, drought, extreme temperatures and wildfire danger.

This ebook explains how sustainability, risk and asset managers are using are using Cervest's science-backed CI, to make confident, informed decisions needed to build a more resilient future for their organization.

From this ebook, you will discover:

  • Discover how global companies are using science-backed CI to inform their adaptation plans – to report climate risk, screen their physical assets and supply chains, and take immediate action

  • Learn why and how different customers, including retailers, environmental services advisories and asset management firms, are using Cervest climate intelligence to solve their challenges and the results they are achieving

  • Find out how EarthScan™, our asset-level climate intelligence product, can help your organization create climate risk reports in line with TCFD guidelines and make decisions to build your company's resilience to climate hazards