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How can you shore up your supply chains against climate risk?

Climate change is making extreme weather events the new norm. Devastating floods are wreaking havoc in New York. Southern Europe was scorched by its hottest-ever summer. Losses from California’s 2018 wildfires totaled nearly $150 billion – around $88 billion of which was caused by supply chain disruption. Climate change is impacting us today, and time is against us: manufacturers must adapt now.

Ebook: Adapting with climate risk in the manufacturing sector

Climate change is impacting the manufacturing industry, and the value of your assets. Decarbonizing is essential – while simultaneously derisking. That means knowing when, where and how physical risks will affect your assets, so that you can prioritize and retrofit your assets to be climate resilient. For that, you need Climate Intelligence: on-demand, standardized and science-based insights on every asset you own, manage or rely on.

After reading this ebook, you will:

  • Understand the opportunities and risks our changing climate presents to manufacturers and supply chains now and in future.
  • Know exactly how to get Climate Intelligence as a manufacturer, and how to make decisions that strengthen asset resilience, enable TCFD-aligned disclosure, and protect your bottom line.
  • Get access to personalized Climate Intelligence that empowers you to protect your physical assets and strengthen your supply chains – all backed by leading-edge climate science.