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Ebook: Using Climate Intelligence to build resilient infrastructure

The time to act on infrastructure is now

From policy and regulations to investment and reporting, the way we plan, build, upgrade and maintain critical infrastructure like ports and airports, road and rail, stormwater and wastewater management systems, will have to adapt with our changing climate. 

To ensure the resilience of the infrastructure that underpins our daily lives and economies, we must put climate at the core of every decision we make today and in the future.

After reading this ebook, you will:

  • Become familiar with the risks our changing climate presents to infrastructure and assets (such as offices, factories or hotels).

  • Understand why building climate resilience into infrastructure is essential and urgent.

  • Learn what Climate Intelligence (CI) is and how it can empower you to make better-informed decisions around planning, development, adaptation and investment.

  • Know exactly what steps you need to take to start your personalized Climate Intelligence journey today.