Climate-related risk to the pharmaceutical industry

Ebook download - Climate intelligent pharma

Establishing resilience to changing climate risk

Physical risks presented by climate change vary from supply chain disruptions to asset and site downtime to potential labor shortages akin to those experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. To brace for these risks and adapt accordingly, pharmaceutical companies must understand their asset-level risks — and opportunities.

Whether you are directly involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing, reporting, ESG or risk, responsible for the supply of crucial ingredients and materials, or handling distribution of pharmaceutical products, this ebook can help you to:

  • Identify the risks posed by a changing climate to pharmaceutical operations, from resource supply to manufacturing

  • Understand why adding resilience into pharmaceutical operations and supply chains can protect your top and bottom line

  • Learn what climate intelligence (CI) is and how it can assist you in making better-informed, science-backed decisions around operational planning, development, adaptation and investment

  • Discover how climate intelligence can help you map, monitor, and mitigate the climate risk to your assets