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City planning

How can you secure cities against climate risk?

Long after the floods have receded, city planners worldwide will be haunted by the havoc caused by Storm Ida in New York and New Jersey. And climate volatility doesn’t just impact wealthy urban hubs: in low- to middle-income countries, natural disasters cause $18 billion of damage to power and transport infrastructure every year.

Essential infrastructure, services and facilities are already being destabilized by climate change. Urban planners must act, and adapt, fast.

Ebook: Building climate resilience into city planning

More Americans than ever before live in areas with the highest climate risk, piling pressure on urban planners. In the face of increasing extreme weather events, failing to build climate-resilient cities will have a devastating impact on economies, livelihoods and communities.

After reading this ebook, you will:

  • Comprehend the opportunities and risks our changing climate presents to urban planning
  • Understand what Climate Intelligence is and how it can empower you to make better-informed, science-backed decisions around city planning
  • Know exactly what steps you need to take to start your personalized Climate Intelligence journey today