Climate Intelligence is business intelligence

One day, all core decisions will require Climate Intelligence. Begin your journey today.

Climate risk is business risk

Our changing climate threatens every physical asset and natural resource our world depends on, costing us billions today and affecting every enterprise around the world – a figure projected to cost trillions in the near future.

Humans have made billions of uninformed climate decisions over the last century. Despite decarbonization efforts, climate volatility is already ‘locked in’ for decades to come.

To adapt to and mitigate the consequences of this, we need to make billions of climate intelligent decisions, fast.

Unprecedented technology, unprecedented foresight

Until now, organizations haven’t had the capability to quantify, interpret, or integrate climate risks into core decisions – the risks are just too complex, multi-dimensional, and computationally intensive.

But Climate Intelligence, powered by Cervest’s pioneering Earth Science AI™ technology, connects the dots across different climate risk factors – synthesizing operations, supply chains, and growth decisions with financial disclosure, carbon policy and regulatory reporting requirements.

Climate Intelligence is the solution we need to de-risk decisions and build a more resilient future.

On-demand, open-access Climate Intelligence for all

Climate Intelligence can tell us what’s happening with any asset in the world, right now, as well as how it’s changed over time, and how it will change in future – and why.

Answer questions such as:

  • What are the physical risks to my assets? 
  • How will a changing climate impact my supply chains? 
  • What competitive opportunities will emerge? 
  • How can I calculate, disclose and comply with regulatory requirements, now and in the future?

Equipped with this insight, enterprises globally can optimize millions of daily operational decisions – decisions with a vast, cumulative positive impact.

That’s why we’ve made our Climate Intelligence platform, EarthScan™, openly accessible to everyone through a freemium model.

Discover your climate risk with the world’s first Climate Intelligence platform