Cervest has hired sustainable development and natural capital expert Sachin Kapila as its Chief Policy Officer. 

Sachin, who has already been working with Cervest in an advisory capacity, has today officially joined the leadership team. He will work with CEO and Founder Iggy Bassi to refine and direct Cervest’s strategy for supporting policy makers, and those managing risk around the globe, to make climate smart-decisions relating to land use, biodiversity, soil degradation, and deforestation. 

Cervest is already working with world-leading crop science and food companies, as well as farmers on the ground, through its proprietary AI-powered short-term and long-range prediction products FarmVest and DecisionVest. It has also recently won backing from the Newton Fund to work on a pilot  project in Colombia.  Working with several government supported partners in the UK and Colombia, it will fuse data and science to help improve the productivity, quality, and sustainability of cocoa bean production.  

Sachin will be tasked with extending the potential of Cervest’s next-generation technology to those responsible for developing policy that has a direct impact on the world’s natural capital – including governments, multi-laterals, insurers, foundations, NGOs, and firms financing adaption strategies. 

Sachin most recently served as VP in Shell’s Government Relations team, working with global organisations including World Bank, IFC, OECD, G20 and UN to ensure effective coordination of Shell’s policy in energy and climate. Prior to this role, he had sole Group responsibility for establishing global biodiversity policy, he developed tools and guidelines for forestry carbon, as well as building relationships with global organisations.

Previously he has worked for environmental consultancy ERM, covering EMEA, LATAM, and SE Asia. He holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.

Sachin Kapila, Chief Policy Officer, Cervest, said: “Cervest has built an incredibly important platform with the ability to provide valuable science-backed evidence for vital decisions about natural capital that will shape the future of our planet. I am very excited to be on board and to work with Iggy and the team as Cervest continues to build its proposition for the world’s policy makers.”

“Iggy Bassi, Founder & CEO, Cervest, said: “Sachin brings with him a wealth of impressive experience in the policy and natural capital space through his work with global organisations and governments around the world. I am very much looking forward to working with him to harness the potential of Cervest’s next-gen machine learning technology for policy makers – helping those responsible for the world’s natural capital to make climate-smart decisions, mitigate risk and help to rebalance our planet.”

André DuBuisson 
Chief Product Officer

Andre is a product specialist with 16 years’ experience delivering and growing global B2C / B2B products and Marketplaces across multiple sectors.

He’s successfully serviced diverse clients in product management, business analysis, UX and consulting. Recent engagements have included the innovative use of data science & technology in dynamic marketplaces and developing a large-scale customer engagement platform.

He has previously held product leadership positions at Victor Limited and Collinson Group, developing customer loyalty solutions for well-known international brands.

Ruiao Hu
Research Resident

A computer scientist by trade and a mathematician at heart, Ruiao graduated from Imperial College London with an MEng degree in Joint Mathematics and Computer Science.

With industry experience in data engineering gained with world-leading finance firms, Ruiao has joined Cervest for the summer to construct data pipelines for a number of our upcoming projects.

Just as he joined Cervest, Ruiao achieved a first class MEng degree with the Governor’s Prize and Corporate Partnership Programme award for his final year project. After his time at Cervest he will pursue a PhD in stochastic geometric mechanics under the supervision of Prof Darryl Holm at Imperial College London.

James Walsh
Research Resident

James is a Statistical Scientist with a bachelor’s degree in the subject awarded from the Statistics department at the University of Warwick.

James joins Cervest as part of his work with the Warwick Manufacturing Group and The Alan Turing Institute where he is a Research Assistant developing Physically Informed Hybrid models.

He will be spending his time at Cervest applying this expertise to simulating individual crop growth and constructing bulk processing technologies for modelling organic carbon content for soil quality monitoring. He has also worked in the risk team of financial consultants at Albourne Partners building simulations.

Mike Zotov
Research Resident

Mike has recently graduated with a first class honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick.

Having studied Machine Learning as part of his degree, he has joined Cervest for the summer to work on deep generative models for de-noising remote-sensing data.

After his time at Cervest he will continue to pursue his passion for Machine Learning with a Master’s degree at Imperial College London.

Anna Moses
Business Process Lead

Anna has broad experience helping organisations to define and operationalise their processes in order to achieve ambitious business objectives.

Anna has worked across the public, private, and charity sectors with a focus on organisational transformation through business analysis and behavioural science-focused change management, at organisations including the UK House of Commons, the Parliamentary Digital Service and leading US healthcare consultancy The Advisory Board Company.

Inspired by Cervest’s commitment to using technology for good, through both the delivery of game-changing products and an inclusive working environment, Anna is passionate about being part of the solution to the climate crisis.

She has a BA in Political Science and History from Wellesley College, Massachusetts, and also attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Michael Griffiths
Senior Engineer

Michael has been building software for over a decade as both a developer and analyst. He has worked and consulted in a broad spectrum of domains – including insurance, payments and e-commerce – for both early-stage startups and established companies. He is also a passionate open-source developer, being a co-maintainer of a number of developer tools for the Clojure programming language. Further, he has been a teacher for the ClojureBridge organisation, which provides free programming workshops for underrepresented groups in tech.

A dedicated environmentalist, having worked for the National Laboratory Service arm of the UK Environment Agency before entering the software industry, he joined Cervest in 2019 with a commitment to use his expertise to build flexible and scalable distributed software systems to help our world adapt to the growing climate crisis, while promoting sustainability and science-driven decision making.

Michael holds a B.Sc. in Theoretical Physics from University College London.