Turning science into action

Bringing clarity to decision making for businesses, governments and growers


We’re using Earth Science AI to create practical insights and recommendations that will de-risk the way you work. 

We believe commercial needs and environmental conservation can and must be balanced. We support businesses and policy makers navigating system-level environmental risks and making long- and short-term decisions. 

Our work will improve the security of food supply, build resilience in economic systems, and maintain healthy ecosystems. It will inform wiser choices with science about where and when to invest, locate new infrastructure, or make investments into new products.

Food & Beverage

For food and beverage producers and growers we are working towards better in-season supply and logistics planning.

Cervest will help you with food supply security, supply chain security, sustainable product growth, effective in-season planning, insight for future scenarios.



We will help governments to plan for better natural capital management through informed decisions on national and regional land-use.

Cervest will help you by protecting populations from food shortages and associated humanitarian issues, and supporting infrastructure planning, and ensuring economic security for future generations.



We will help Insurance and reinsurance companies with risk pricing by geography and risk category. 

Cervest will help you adapt for the future by helping accurately manage risk exposure, weight your asset portfolios and risk adjust premiums reflecting extreme and climatic risks.

Get access to our early product

Our dynamic data mapping product will cover all of Europe by Q1/2020. It is already being used by leading food and beverage companies to augment their decisions on supply volume, sourcing and related planning for ‘at-risk’ procurement orders, and we are continuing to add new datasets around crops and natural capital to help predict yield and bring clarity to procurement decisions. 

We are now opening up our platform to future-focused food producers, risk managers, food producers, investment managers, policy makers and strategists who are seeking to reduce the risks associated with climatic and extreme events and their effect on land-based processes and assets. 




Our future plans


As we develop our platform, we will expand our coverage to help other sectors, such as energy, infrastructure and natural resources.