About Us

“Humans have operated on the basis that nature is free, and it’s always going to serve us. But nature is biting back in big ways”. -- Iggy Bassi, Founder & CEO of Cervest

About Cervest

Cervest offers cloud-based Climate Intelligence (CI) to empower enterprises, governments and financial services companies to manage and adapt to climate risk at an asset-level — transforming climate complexity into decision-useful insights. 

Cervest’s vision is to democratize access to Climate Intelligence, driving a shared responsibility to protect the world’s critical assets — including our greatest shared asset, the planet.

Our Story

While operating a sustainable agribusiness in Ghana, Iggy Bassi struggled to find the scientific data to explain the increasingly volatile weather events causing bad harvests.  While locals dismissed a bad harvest as an “act of God”, Bassi was convinced that the science told a different story, if only there was a way to break down climate risk for individual businesses. 

After selling his agribusiness, Iggy created Cervest in 2015. He joined forces with Imperial College London and the Alan Turing Institute to combine the world’s leading climate and statistical science into meaningful climate insight. 

Today, this concept is the foundation of Cervest’s AI-powered Climate Intelligence platform.

The platform provides businesses, governments, insurance companies and financial markets with a united framework for assessing asset-level climate risk at a global level.

Our Technology

Earth Science AI™ is the groundbreaking technology behind Cervest’s Climate Intelligence platform and EarthScan™ product. 

By combining machine learning, cutting-edge statistical science and physical science with modern scalable computing practice, Earth Science AI processes and models petabytes of data to present a unified view of climate risk that’s never before been possible.

EarthScience AI enables EarthScan to show how each asset’s climate risk has changed in the past 50 years, what the risk is now, and how it will change in the next 80 years, based on different climate scenarios.


Cervest is Certified B Corporation. This internationally recognized certification demonstrates that we have built our business to meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. 

As part of our B Corp status, Cervest is committed to helping other businesses achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2030. By allowing companies to discover their climate impact, they are empowered to make the right decisions to redress their environmental impact.

Cervest is also proud to be a Disability Confident Employer, exceeding government standards of inclusivity and accessibility for our hiring and working practices.

Our Values

Our Team

Our team consists of world-class talent from science, machine learning, commercial  and technology backgrounds.  We are a team of 50-strong and growing.

We are a pro-diversity, highly inclusive organization, committed to bringing together people of all backgrounds and enabling them to succeed. We know that a richly diverse team will help us achieve our mission sooner.

It’s an exciting time to join us.


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