Defining Earth Science AI

Combining established disciplines with innovative scientific methodology



Led by research

At Cervest, Earth Science AI refers to the combination of knowledge and modelling approaches from the proven Earth sciences – including atmospheric science, meteorology, hydrology and agronomy – with the tools of modern artificial intelligence, imaging, machine learning and Bayesian statistics.

This unique approach enables Cervest to simultaneously tie together the interconnected elements that contribute to our planet’s increasingly volatile climate – across multiple regions.




Driven by data

While large sets of data and scientific measurement exist in some parts of the world, they are too vast complex for humans alone to process. Meanwhile, in other regions data is scarce. The challenge we have taken on is to translate the complex data that does exist and generate proprietary data via machine learning, at a commercially viable cost. 

Through the development of our Earth Science AI, we will nurture our planet by helping the decision makers who depend on it to adapt and thrive. 


Our roadmap

Our goal is to accelerate the advent of ‘holistic adaptation decisions for all’, so we can create and maintain a sustainable future for life to thrive. If we don’t create a system that enables interconnected climate and land risk analysis to drive better decisions, we will run out of time to reverse and restore the negative impacts of climate change on our planet.


Here’s how we’re going to get there using Earth Science AI: 



We are creating a dynamic map of the earth, using the best data to understand its relationship with climate, nature and productivity. We are mapping every hectare of land to generate insights that drive more sustainable in-season decisions around climatic and extreme events.



We will incorporate data on the other elements that make up our ecosystem: water, soil, atmosphere, biodiversity and people. We will create a holistic view of the interconnected risks to offer a new level of clarity on decisions related to land-based process and assets. 


The future

There is no ‘Planet B’, so humanity must adapt to survive. Cervest’s adaptation engine, powered by Earth Science AI, will provide the answers to key questions related to the new climate reality. It will empower everyone to make and augment decisions that ensure the resilience of our planet.